Paper Play + Wonder Founder Shaina Adams

About Me

Hello, my name is Shaina and I'm the mom behind Paper Play + Wonder. I'm an illustrator and storyteller who loves to capture the magic of childhood. From a very young age I've loved to draw. Growing up, my artistic interests were always fostered and encouraged by my parents and I eventually went on to pursue a degree in Studio Art.

I love working with an array of materials - most often acrylic, watercolor, gouache, and colored pencils. Recently I've taken to using both digital and traditional materials. Many of my illustrations are inspired by my love of both nature and my own children. Their playfulness, personalities and imagination are a constant muse. 

As an USAF wife, I and my family are constantly on the move. I currently reside in San Antonio, TX with my husband and our three children. Aside from making art, some of my favorite things are reading, photography, enjoying nature, spending a day at any given museum, and perusing antique shops.

Our Story

In our tech-saturated world, if you were to put a couple of boxes, pots and pans in front of kids they'd create buses, firetrucks, drum sets and numerous other things just from their imaginations! That is a huge part of what drives the passion here at Paper Play + Wonder. I want to foster creativity and fun fueled by imagination! After all, imaginations are terrible things to waste!

Closely related to the power of imagination is the power of images. There is something to be said about turning on the television or browsing online and seeing positive images that look like you. At the start of 2020, Paper Play + Wonder was born. As a mom of three African-American kids, I felt a drive to create something for my children and children all over who, like them, were unaccustomed to seeing their likenesses in their toys. Each time I begin a new illustration, I do so with the intent of fostering and encouraging cultural pride, positive self identity and belonging. One of my greatest joys when working on the launch of my shop, was to have my children come in, glance at one of my prints and ask “Oh! Is that me!?”. Representation is so important - at any age - and I’m honored to share a piece of my heart with my family, friends and the community at large. Please stay a while and enjoy looking around my shop!

kids painting african american