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Our New Explore Room

After two months, I've finally finished the kids new explore room! They love it about as much as I do. Because this space will be utilized as both a homeschool room and a playroom, we've termed it an "explore" room to keep it balanced between the two.

The kids and I start each day in this room - whether it's reading together, drawing, painting, or simple play. There are many open-ended toys for them to put to use, a few board games and the larger bookshelf is home to our homeschool materials. I'm really pleased with how well the room has turned out and how each of the kids are drawn to it. I wanted most to foster an atmosphere primed for imagination, creativity and learning and I think we're on the right track.

A few details about the room - I scored this pottery barn activity table at Goodwill for $12. Twelve dollars. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was a steal. Looked up the item number when we got home and saw that it sells retail for over $200. I especially love that I can still purchase the grow-with-you leg sets as the kids get a bit older. This should definitely last a few years.

The tank you see is for our little family of hermit crabs. I wanted a simple classroom pet for the kids to learn to care for and enjoy. As it turns out, hermit crabs are much more work than I initially thought they'd be. The kids enjoy watching them eat or play in their water dish. It's kind of the only time they really get to see them because these little guys are true to their name and remain in their shells for much of the day. They really are fascinating little creatures and we all love observing them in their "crabitat" (oh you've never heard of a "crabitat"? that's an actual thing, I'm not being corny, I promise lol. Theres also a hermit crab owners association... yeah I've learned a few things since these little guys came home).

Globe: Toys R' Us Illuminated Globe

Tank: Zoo Med Hermit Crab Kit

Toy Kitchen: Rainbow Sophia Timeless Wood Kids Play Kitchen

Table: Large Pottery Barn Carolina Craft Play Table

Alphabet posters: Cavallini & Co.

Wooden Poster Hangers: Benjia Magnetic Wood Frame Hanger

Letterboard: Pine & Paint Green Felt Letterboard 10x10

Human Anatomy Model: Edu-Toys

Growth Chart: Oopsy Daisy Animal Friends (purchased from Land of Nod)

World Map: Wall Pops Kids Dry Erase World Map Decal

(Updated 6/19 to add more pictures since our space has since changed)

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