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Summer Live List

Every year we sit down as a family and map out how we’d like to spend our summer. The kids typically have a ton of ideas - a certain little boy once voted to climb volcanoes (yikes). Volcanoes aside, what we really wanted to do was give the kids more opportunity to voice their individual interests as they are now getting older and their interests are more in line with who they each are individually as opposed to the big toddler crew they were only a short time ago.

I first came across the idea for a family fun list on Pinterest ( surprise, surprise).   I loved that the ideas didn't have to be anything expensive or extravagant. They were all about being present and celebrating simple fun moments together as a family. I saw the idea and thus was born, "The Adams' Summer Live List"! It takes us no time to work up ideas together. I'm always surprised by how eager my kids are to put this list together.

I'm really glad we took the opportunity to sit together to do this. Not only did we get to witness our children coming into their own, expressing their likes/dislikes and watching them work together to map out our list, but we also were able to explain the intention behind making this list as a family. We wanted to them to list things that they enjoy but also things that'd bring others joy, make others feel better or new things to try that they may be curious about but feel nervous at the idea of doing it. At their ages, I think just identifying what it is that scares you and putting that on paper is courageous in itself, so they'll be no shame if they list "go horse back riding" and once the opportunity presents itself they feel too scared to go through with it. It's all about learning to encourage and uplift each other, being each others biggest cheerleaders. 

All of that said, we’re looking forward to fostering more adventure, courage, serving and supporting each other and more in this season. We're in for a good one!

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